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Marketing to Millennials

By July 12, 2017May 17th, 2020What's News

Did you know that Millennials are the largest living generation? They are a demographic every brand wants to charm but the complexity of the millennials market makes it very hard to penetrate. Like every generation that came before, they come with their own set of characteristics that make them unique. They have different attitudes, requirements and most certainly, buying behaviours.

Why should you care? Well because, millennials are becoming the biggest spending generation and you do not want your brand missing out because of ineffective marketing strategies. Here are a few pointers from the millennials at Graphic Edge.

5 Expert Tips for Marketing to Millennials

1. Two-way Communication
In any marketing campaign, you need to ensure that there are factors to create plenty of opportunities for two-way communication, an example: if there is a product that some individual finds dissatisfying and want to verbalise it, the company needs to provide a platform to receive that feedback respond to it.

2. P for Passion 
Millennials are adept in communication. They can sense veiled attempts to use content for marketing hence its vital that there is transparency with your brand and you convey that passion across. Marketing efforts and your products/services should feel more like a beautiful friendship something interesting, rather than a sales pitch. Show them how your offering would make their life better.

3. United Mind
Millennials love social media! If you want to tap into this market, you will need to engage with various social media channels from an individual point-of- view. Prepare to deal with complaints and compliments. Interact with both, the lovers and the haters of your brand because ignoring either does not help build a good reputation for your brand.

4. Togetherness
Millennials love brands that they feel some level of ownership of. Large food and beverage brands have run very successful campaigns where consumers can select, vote or even develop new flavours or personalised products. There’s nothing millennials love more than being involved with the process and the development of the brand. Invite them to do product testing, reviews, etc.

5. Convenience & Timeous
If there is one thing, the millennials are not known for its PATIENCE. It’s all about quick access, convenience and instant gratification. You need to position your business to try and meet that need. Simple things like having an active and manned social media account or chat system on your website. If you are the business of moving goods, a fast delivery system and easy + safe payment options.

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